How do I manage my listing?

Once I've logged on, how do I make changes and updates to my personal profile page that is listed in the directory?


Once you've sign up and logged into your account, you will see a side navigation bar that is only visible to APN practitioners.  From the control panel, you will pick SETTINGS.

You should see a page similar to the one shown below. This page will allow you to personalize your listing and update your address as necessary.  


How do I list an event on the APN calendar?

I have an upcoming event that would be of interest to people seeking Avazzia Practioners.  How do I list it on the event calendar?


You must be an APN practitioner and logged in to host an event.

1. Navigate to EVENTS via the top website navigation.

2. Click on "Host Your own Event"

3. You should see a page that looks similar to the one shown below.  After filling out all the necessary information, your event should appear on the map.